Gdansk is a wonderful city on the picturesque Polish Baltic coast. From an American’s point of view, it has all the energy of Manhattan, the culture of San Francisco, and the charming pleasantness of New England.

ulica Mariacka w Gdańsku

Add a Palm Beach-like coastline, and it’s easy to see why Gdansk is among the most memorable and exciting European cities to visit. The people of Gdansk are very friendly and helpful, and most of the signs displaying important information are posted in English, Polish, German, and Russian. The city stands on cobblestone streets, which, along with the brightly colored ornate buildings give it an old-world European charm. This is enhanced by the vibrant and striking history that Gdansk is known for. It was here that the first hours of the Second World War were fought, and it was in the shipyards of this Polish city where the Solidarity movement of the 1980s brought freedom to Poland after centuries of Russian mandate and helped to guide the rest of communist occupied Europe into the future. Despite this long and rich history, Gdansk is also a very modern city. It is just as clean as any American metropolis, and significantly safer than most. From a tourist’s point of view, Gdansk is very safe and well organized, and the city runs on easily accessible public transportation.

Emily Roche przyleciała do Gdańska z Buffalo. Przez cztery miesiące będzie się uczyła w jednej z gdańskich szkół. Ma nadzieję nauczyć się w tym czasie naszego języka, poznać naszą kulturę oraz Gdańsk, Sopot i Gdynię, czyli jak mówi – 3city

There is also a lot to do in Gdansk, from exploring the Long Market and looking at the beautiful gates and fountains, to walking along the waterfront or shopping. There are many kiosks selling Baltic amber and other souvenirs that any tourist would enjoy, and not as expensive as tokens from most American cities. From Gdansk, there is easy access to other exciting destinations, such as the beautiful costal cities of Sopot or Gdynia, or historic Westerplatte, all of which can be reached by road or ferry from Gdansk. Anyone who makes a trip to Europe without stopping by in Gdansk is missing out on the experience of one of the world’s loveliest cities.

Author: Emily Roche